HoundMe was created with the simple premise that self improvement can be achieved through focused short term commitments, and daily progress towards those short term goals. Rather than overcomplicate this process, we've developed a simple program for helping you track your progress, and an accountability process we like to call "hounding".

Our founding team have made careers of turning complex issues and challenges into simple actionable solutions. With decades of experience studying and implementing behavioral change, we are committed to making the process as simple and actionable as possible - while getting the best results.

Jeff Durso

  Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who's launched 15+ startup companies over the past 20 years; one of which dominated its industry and was ranked #149 on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies (; and two of which sold for over $10 million each.

He's been responsible for formulating, planning, and launching countless industry leading multi-million dollar products and companies - both for his own startups, and on behalf of clients.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, throughout his career he's gone deep in software, marketing, and business modelling.

Jeff holds a BS in Management Science from MIT's Sloan School of Management

Dr. Michael Connell

  Mike holds a doctorate in education from Harvard University, and a Masters in Computer Science from MIT.

Prior to becoming a world class expert in how people learn and master new content, he spent time as a software design engineer at Microsoft, Sunburst Communications, and Lexia Learning. He has also been an instructor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College.

Mike has authored numerous articles on learning, motivation, and education; and he's made a name for himself taking complex domains of knowledge and turning them into effective training curricula that help people learn and master new skills much faster than they ever could before

He's also a successful entrepreneur - co-founding Native Brain alongside Jeff - and growing its user base to over 300 thousand students - many of whom have had some incredible learning outcomes.

Vince Rigoni

  Vince is a seasoned sales professional, sales trainer, and entrepreneur; and was the former US Sales Manager at HP Financial Services.

He has been personally responsible for over $500 million in corporate career sales.

His specialty is looking at complex deals and figuring out all of the issues, impacts, and risks - and then finding the inherent solution.

Vince has his BA from University of Central Florida and his MBA from University of Phoenix.

Hero Hound

  Hero is a cartoon hound dog, and your guide to the HoundMe experience. He genuinely wants you to succeed - and will work closely with you to define the right goals, and to help you make daily progress.

If you remember to checkin with him daily, he is generally friendly and easy going. And if you forget - he has ways of making you come back.

He does not yet have any degrees from any accredited university, but he is accepting invitations and welcomes honorary degrees.